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Subsidized Energy Efficiency Could Curb Renter Costs

January 31, 2019Andrew ButtsNewsComments Off on Subsidized Energy Efficiency Could Curb Renter Costs

Energy efficient developments could be crucial in reducing carbon emission rates as stated by the Energy Transition Lab’s Ellen Anderson. The City of Minneapolis has also recognized the importance of energy efficiency and has been working on developing more affordable ways to reach this goal. One initiative of this work is the research being done by ETL to find a financial model that helps reduce energy-efficient installation costs for the consumer. To read more about this inclusive energy financing project and the importance of energy efficiency for all Minnesotan citizens click here.

[Students] need to know that the fastest, cheapest and cleanest way to reduce carbon emissions is with energy efficiency,” said Ellen Anderson, director of the University Energy Transition Lab. “It’s not the shiny object that renewable energy is, but it needs to be the beginning of any kind of energy solution.

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