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Ellen Anderson at the Energy Storage Summit

Media coverage of the Energy Transition Lab and affiliated programs and activities:

  1. Minnesota co-op plans state’s biggest energy storage project– Midwest Energy News (7/28/2017)

  2. Wenn die Pufferbatterie billige als das Erdgaskraftwerk wird-Das Magazin Fur Innovation (7/18/2017)

  3. Solar More Cost Effective Than Natural Gas, Report Says– KNSI Radio (7/17/2017)

  4. Report: Solar more cost effective than natural gas – The Sacramento Bee (7/16/2017)

  5. Report: Solar more cost effective than natural gas– San Francisco Chronicle (7/16/2017)

  6. Report: Solar plus storage can beat natural gas– Minnesota Public Radio (7/14/2017)

  7. Renewable Grid Batteries Are About to Hit a Major Milestone: This is huge win for clean energy – (7/13/2017)

  8. ‘Time is now’ to add energy storage to Minnesota grid, researcher says – Midwest Energy News (7/12/2017)

  9. Grid Batteries Are Poised to Become Cheaper Than Natural-Gas Plants in Minnesota–  MIT Technology Review (7/12/2017)

  10. Report: Solar plus storage can beat natural gas in Minnesota– MPR News (7/11/2017)

  11. Report: Minnesota storage + solar could be more cost-effective than peaking plants after 2022– Utility Drive (7/11/2017)

  12. U of M purchase additional community solar subscriptions– University of Minnesota (7/10/2017)

  13. Report offers strategies for growing Minnesota’s energy efficiency sector– Midwest Energy News (6/26/2017)

  14. UMN faculty to Trump: Leaving Paris Agreement will impact U.S – Minnesota Daily (6/8/2017)

  15. Minnesota steps up to the plate on climate– StarTribune (6/7/2017)

  16. Minnesota’s greenhouse gas goal flopped. New goal: ‘electrify everything’– Duluth News Tribune (5/30/2017)

  17. Environment: Law for a healthy planet by Hari Osofsky – Nature (5/17/2017)

  18. Women in Energy: Ellen Anderson with University of Minnesota’s Energy Transition Lab– Clean Energy Resource Teams (3/1/2017)

  19. Bill in Legislature could extinguish state’s solar incentive program – Minnesota Daily (2/27/2017)

  20. New dean named for Penn State Law and School of International Affairs -PennState News (1/6/2017)

  21. Conservative Minnesota counties stand to benefit from clean energy development – Midwest Energy News (11/22/2016)

  22. Wind and solar energy projects could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural Minnesota – Solar Daily (11/17/2016)

  23. Wind and solar energy project could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural Minnesota – (11/15/2016)

  24. New Energy Transition Lab Clean Energy Report Predicts 5,000 New Rural Jobs– University of Minnesota Law School (11/14/2016)

  25. Save kids’ lives by cleaning toxic air– StarTribune (11/4/2016)

  26. U of M buys community solar subscription -University of Minnesota (10/19/2016)

  27. Falcon Heights and others subscribe to metro area solar farms – LillieNews (8/30/2016)

  28. Community solar exploding in Minnesota– Midwest Energy News (6/28/2016)

  29. Energy Transition Lab Report: Renewable Energy Projects Offer Big Jobs Potential for Duluth Area – University of Minnesota Law School (6/8/2016)

  30. Biomass and Solar Energy Expansion Could Add Over 2,000 jobs to NE MN Economy – Institute on the Environment  (6/7/2016)

  31. Addressing Climate and Peace in Paris and Minnesota – MinnPost (12/10/2015)

  32. Paris Climate Talks Begin– Minnesota Daily (12/8/2015)

  33. Your Window Into Paris: Day 8– Climate Generation (12/7/2015)

  34. The Germany-Minnesota Energy Connection– Institute on the Environment (12/2/2015)

  35. City Hosts Global Climate Conference– Minnesota Daily (10/28/2915)

  36. Energy Transition Lab Hosts Energy Storage Summit– University of Minnesota Law School (7/22/2015)

  37. Future of Minnesota solar energy: What you need to know  Featuring Ellen Anderson – Minnesota Public Radio (5/21/2015)

  38. Minnesota’s electric grid, explained Featuring ETL affiliate Dr. Elizabeth Wilson  – Minnesota Public Radio (4/29/2015)

  39. Climate Change in Minnesota: About the Project Featuring ETL Faculty Director Hari Osofsky- MPR News (2/2015)

  40. Former Minnesota Lawmaker Taking a Global Focus on Energy Featuring ETL Executive Director Ellen Anderson – Midwest Energy News (1/05/2015)

  41. Energy Transition Lab promotes 21st Century Upgrades – Institute on the Environment (4/15/2015)

  42. University lab hopes to lead energy transition efforts – Minnesota Daily (12/10/2014)

  43. New Energy Transition Lab’s goal: Shift economy toward renewable energy Featuring ETL Faculty Director Hari Osofski  – WTIP North Shore Community Radio (12/16/2014)

  44. Back to school: Ellen Anderson finds a new home at the U of M’s Energy Transition Lab Featuring ETL Executive Director Ellen Anderson -Capitol Report (8/13/2014)


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