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UMN adds new solar panels as part of renewable energy plan

December 7, 2018Andrew ButtsNews0

Ellen Andersen, executive director of the Energy Transition Lab, has recently collaborated with departments and students at the University of Minnesota to evaluate an onsite solar panel project. As part of the University’s initiative to eliminate net carbon emissions by 2050, this project intends to add solar arrays to nine different sites across the east bank, west bank, and St. Paul campuses. To read more about those involved, the work behind the panels, and the benefits of the onsite solar panels click here.

Ellen Anderson, executive director of the Energy Transition Lab, led the SUN Delegation Team. “We got the students together and we formed strategies … to do solar site assessments.” Anderson is confident the University will continue to bolster sustainable energy practices. “Every year it gets more cost effective,” she said. 

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