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Energy Transition Lab

The Energy Transition Lab focuses on high-impact collaborative projects that help support our energy systems’ transition to the 21st century. Our projects connect University experts with public, private, community and nonprofit partners, and range across a variety of topics. Our Current Projects Include:

Solar + Pollinators

ETL is working with the Natural Capital Project and the National Renewable Energy Lab to identify the net impacts of co-locating pollinator-friendly habitats with large scale solar farms by examining solar sites in Minnesota. This research is made possible through a generous gift from Connexus Energy.

Inclusive Finance For Residential Efficiency

Working with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the City of Minneapolis, Cadmus Consulting, and several local utilities, ETL will be managing a market study that evaluates the potential for a tariff on-bill (TOB) financing program which will expand residential energy efficiency investments while providing immediate cost-savings to renters/tenants.

Community Energy Storage Development

Funded through the Minnesota State Lottery, this new Community Energy Storage project will involve installing community scale energy storage (batteries) on self-controlled micro-grids in select Minnesotan communities to study the benefits and and develop a guide to assist communities in future developments. 

Utility – University Research Collaborations

How do research collaborations form between electric utilities and universities? What causes them to succeed or fail? What opportunities exist to expand and improve these partnerships? ETL decided to investigate through a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. 


ETL has a wealth of previous projects full of all sorts of neat findings and accomplishments. To sift through them, stop by our new and improved Archives! Some of our favorites include: The Energy, Climate, and Resiliency Project, Minnesota Energy Storage Alliance, and Modernizing Minnesota’s Grid!

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