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Counterpoint: Don’t Confuse or Reject the Role of Renewables

February 8, 2019Andrew ButtsNewsComments Off on Counterpoint: Don’t Confuse or Reject the Role of Renewables

Isaac Orr, a member of the Center of the American Experiment, used the polar vortex last week to advocate against the use of renewables. By using a confusing mixture of statistics, he attempts to evaluate energy usage and argues the necessity for a return of coal as an energy source. Anderson, of the Energy Transition Lab (ETL); Jessica Hellmann, of the Institute on the Environment (IonE); and Sabine Engel, director of International Partnerships, come together in this article to clarify some of Orr’s misunderstood statistics and approaches to energy in regarding the validity of a future with renewable energies. To hear the counter analysis against Orr’s take and some other realities regarding renewable energy integration in Minnesota from lead members in the ETL and IonE click here.

To wit: A solar array connected to a battery recently installed by Connexus Energy generated 147 percent more power than average on Jan. 30, when it was colder than 20 below at noon. In fact, Connexus’ solar and battery storage system performed so well… it provided power to reduce peak demand and helped reduce strain on the electric grid.

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